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The 16th Annual Bloorview Research Institute Symposium (online due to COVID-19; November 2021)

Einarson, K. M., King, G. A., Chiarello, L. A., Phoenix, M., D’Arrigo, R., & Pinto, M. Analyzing high-engagement therapy sessions to explore how youth and service providers co-construct engagement. Poster presentation.

Children’s Healthcare Canada Conference (online due to COVID-19; November 2020)

Einarson, K., & Chan, E. Building a multidisciplinary collaboration to study engagement in pediatric rehabilitation: Experiences, strategies, and lessons learned. Oral presentation.

The 15th Annual Bloorview Research Institute Symposium (online due to COVID-19; November 2020)

Einarson, K. M., Pinto, M., Magee, J., & King, G. Using integrated knowledge translation to develop the PRIME-P: A measure of parent engagement in rehabilitation therapy. Poster presentation.

APTA Combined Sections Meeting (Denver, Colorado, USA; February 2020)

Chiarello, L., & Ideishi, R. Rehabilitation therapists’ perceptions of facilitators and barriers to engagement of children and parents in therapy. Poster presentation.

The 14th Annual Bloorview Research Institute Symposium (Toronto, Ontario, Canada; November 2019)

King, G., Chiarello, L. A., Ideishi, R., D’Arrigo, R., Smart, E., Ziviani, J., & Pinto, M. Engagement in pediatric rehabilitation: Perspectives of youth, caregivers, and service providers. Poster presentation.

AACPDM 73rd Annual and IAACD 2nd Triannual Meeting (Anaheim, California, USA; September 2019)

Chiarello, L., & Ideishi, R. Facilitators and barriers to engaging children and parents in pediatric rehabilitation. Instructional course.

APTA Combined Sections Meeting (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; February 2018)

Fiss, A., McCoy, S., & Chiarello, L. Adaptive behaviour and mastery motivation in children with Cerebral Palsy. Educational session.

2017 AOTA Annual Conference & Centennial Celebration (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; March 2017)

King. G., Chiarello, L., Ideishi, R., McLarnon, M., & Ziviani, J. Therapy engagement: What is it? How does it manifest and enhance therapeutic interventions with children and families?. Workshop presentation.

The Northern Territory and Queensland Division Occupational Therapy Conference: Practitioners for the Future (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; October 2016)

Poulsen, A. A., Ziviani, J., Copley, J., King, G., & D’Arrigo, R. Understanding and improving therapeutic engagement: The PRIME project. Oral presentation.

International Conference on Cerebral Palsy and other Childhood-onset Disabilities: Challenge the Boundaries (Stockholm, Sweden; June 2016)

King, G. Engagement of children, youth and families in therapy. Keynote presentation.